How to Make Tourism Money – Selling T-Shirts

If you live in a tourist area, I’m sure you’ve considered how to make tourism money. You probably know that tourists are typically willing to spend big money in ways they normally wouldn’t. One great way to get in on this tourist market is by making and marketing T-Shirts.

You can buy a bunch of blank T-Shirts and a shirt making kit for a very reasonable price. You’ll then want to consider the design you want to put on your shirts. You might want to include just the name of your city or town, or you might include a local attraction. Be sure that you’re not infringing on any copyrights. You might also consider coming up with a funny or sweet slogan for your area that will charm the tourists.

You’ll then go about using your kit to add your design directly to the T-Shirts. This is a really simple process that will be fully explained in your kit. If it’s still not clear or you’re having trouble, try finding a video tutorial on the internet. What to do at sentosa singapore¬†

Once you’ve got your shirts made, it’s time to market them. There are numerous options that can work for you. You might consider simply walking up and down a heavy traffic street and selling them that way. Perhaps you can find a local souvenir shop that will be willing to buy some of your shirts or even allow you to sell them there on commission.

Within a few days, you can be making big money this way. So the next time you wonder how to make tourism money – consider making your own T-Shirts.

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