Ask About Tourism Packages When You Compare Birmingham, Alabama Hotel Deals

Before you start searching out Birmingham, Alabama hotel deals you’ll want get an idea of everything there is to see and do during your visit. Birmingham is a destination hot-spot for tourists from all over the world and because it’s so popular a lot of hotels offer special packages that tie in some of the wonderful attractions the city has to offer.

Birmingham is steeped in Southern charm and tradition and you might enjoy the Antebellum Tour to put you in a Southern frame of mind. While you’re at it, visit the Weeden House Museum which features the works of internationally famous Mrs. Maria Howard. What to do at sentosa singapore¬†

Now that you’ve relaxed and had a taste of true Southern Hospitality, it’s time to explore the city. And Birmingham is famous for three things: Fine dining, beautiful golf courses, and the fabulous weather.

When you’re comparing the different Birmingham, Alabama hotel deals, be sure to ask about golfing packages. Within just a stone’s throw of downtown you’ll find 10 of the best golf courses in the state. If you’re a hard-core golf lover you’ll want to check out the Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort and Spa. Not only will you find First Class accommodations, but the course, at 8,191 yards, is the longest championship gold course in the world.

Or maybe you’d like to a dining tour. Birmingham hosts more than 500 restaurants and you’ll find everything from upscale coffee shops to Italian-style pizzerias, to 5-Star restaurants, featuring every type of cuisine you could possibly imagine.

You’ll also find famous wineries in the Birmingham area. Visit the Vizzini Farms Winery and Morgan Creek Vineyards and try a bottle of their Chocolate Raspberry wine and your taste buds will never be the same.

Planning a family vacation? You’ll never have to worry about the weather in Birmingham. The average temperature is 62 degrees and, even in the winter it rarely drops below freezing. And you’ll find plenty to keep everyone entertained. First stop – Alabama Adventure Theme Park for a ride on the Zoomerang. And when you’re ready to cool off, try one of the many water rides.

Need an afternoon to relax? Spend it at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, a must-see attraction featuring 67 acres of magical walking trails. There’s a cozy cafe inside where you can relax over coffee or drinks and then spend the evening strolling among the beautiful flowers and trees native to Alabama.


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