Spa Tourism in Bulgaria is Springing Up Again

The town of Hisar in Bulgaria is making a new claim to fame by healing hundreds of kidney stones, bladder stones and gallstones with water from the 22 mineral springs in the region. There is a rehabilitation hospital in the town and spa and wellness hotels have mushroomed in recent years. Hisar, founded by the Romans and once surrounded by […]

Incredible India – Hotspot of Adventure Tourism

Introduction The diverse topography and the varied climate made Incredible India as one of the tourist hubs for adventure tourism. Indian Tourism offers the endless scope of adventure hotspots in the form of trekking, snorkeling, diving, river rafting, canoeing, kayaking, paragliding, mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking, skiing, skating, mount biking, backwaters, safaris, polo, Aero Sports, ballooning etc. The famous destinations for […]

Tourism in Rajasthan – Major Attractions

Rajasthan has always been one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India. It has been home to the Mughals and the Rajputs for centuries. This rich heritage has been passed down to generations and is still seen in old monuments and building that draws plenty of tourists to this state. One of the frequently visited cities of Rajasthan […]

Health Tourism – An Unbeatable Value

Costs of healthcare continue to be on the rise in the United States. Even with many politicians advocating healthcare reforms, the costs of surgeries and procedures are still astronomical, and are not projected to go down for quite some time. Many people have begun taking advantage of what seems to be the only surefire solution: Medical Tourism. What to do […]

Costa Rica’s Draw for Medical Tourism

The term coined for traveling outside your home country to obtain health care is┬ámedical tourism. The primary motivation of such travelers is to take advantage of lower medical costs with an equal or at least acceptable level of care compared to their home country. In some cases, foreign countries may have treatments that are not offered in the home country […]

Ukraine Casinos

There are few countries that are as beautiful and steeped in historical conflict as the Ukraine. Tucked geographically into the eastern part of Russia, Ukraine’s strong cultural identity and beautiful buildings have drawn tourists and visitors in from all over the world. While the wonderful cities and historical attractions are big tourist hang outs, Ukraine also features a wonderful and […]

The Benefits of a Casino Hire

One of the great things about planning your own event is that you can choose whatever form of entertainment and fun you want to include. Among the many types of party and event hires to choose from, there are many benefits to having a casino hire at your party. From wedding receptions to many other types of parties, a casino […]

No Deposit Online Casinos – Worth a Try

The term No deposit online casinos is self explanatory. It means new entrants need not deposit money for playing at these casinos. This is a wonderful move by the casino owners to hook new members. Free welcome money is offered to new entrants. This enables the players to try their hands at playing online casino. This is a good move […]