The History of Battery Electric Vehicles

Battery Electric Vehicles or BEVs, predated the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles. It was between 1832-1839 that Robert Anderson, a Scottish businessman, invented the first electric carriage and Professor Sibrandus Stratingh from the Netherlands designed the first small-scale electric car which was built by his assistant Christopher Becker in 1835. The storage battery improved, firstly by Gaston Planté, a French […]

6 Steps To Slot Games Of Your Dreams

Nowadays, there are so many casinos online that it can be a daunting task to know which ones are safe, which accept players from the USA, and getting back to the fundamentals, which ones have the best games. Online Casinos emerged as a viable form of entertainment on the Internet with a few operators opening their virtual doors in 1995. […]

CISA Certification Syllabus

CISA Certification CISA stands for Certified Information Systems Auditor, well this is a certification that empowers an individual with scope and skills to audit, design, manage and protect IT system and security. What is the job of a CISA professional? A CISA professional can identify risks related to IT Systems of any organization and has the ability to provide solutions […]